Intern – end

And it will be ended shortly..


Finally relief to end my internship program this week. After being able to work in such a corporate company and get used to the environment, i’m finally free. Doing internship is such an intense things to do where as a student, to be able to come to an office and work as a staff and get hold on the stress of working is a very hard things to do. What can i say.. In any working places, there must be lots of ups and downs. Trying to put aside all the negativity and unpleasant memories and looking forward to continue my studies in degree and pursue my dreams. Experienced of working in a corporate company makes me think twice to have a job in such places. Sometimes, when we are working under a big ship, we have to always follow what does the big head gonna say and reduces our ability to lead.


What can i conclude is that, no matter where you go/work as an internship students, don’t let other people discriminate you just because you are an intern. Sometimes, it’s really depends on your luck whether you get into a good office or strict etc. Whatever kind of places that you got into, just let it be a lesson and learn as much as you can. Try to learn on how to manage yourself and also, manage others.

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